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Cancer Advice - from leading UK Cancer Specialists
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Latest Cancer News on Private Healthcare UK

Get expert advice from a leading cancer specialist

Our expert advice service provides advice and medical opinions from one of our leading cancer specialists. There's a low cost option or you can opt for a full medical opinion on a named patient.

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Find a cancer specialist

Looking for a cancer specialist? One of our featured specialists may be able to help. Or you can search the Private Healthcare UK database of private consultants across the UK.

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Cancer treatment centres

Only a few private hospitals and private clinics provide the extensive resources required for cancer treatment. Select from one of our featured centres:

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Cancer insurance

Cancer insurance is a type of Private Medical Insurance (PMI) tailormade for people who are concerned that they one day suffer from cancer.

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Cancer information

Our cancer information centre provides detailed information on type of cancer and covers areas such as symptoms, diagnosis,treatment and outcomes.

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Cancer support groups and charities

Find out about the charities and support groups that can help people with cancer, and support their relatives and carers.

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Recommended books

We have selected some of the most useful books on cancer diagnosis and treatment and living with cancer. Patients, their relatives and carers may find these of help.

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Current Cancer Issues