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Bortezomib in myeloma

Bortezomib is a new proteasome inhibitor that blocks NF-kB-mediated transcription of cytokines, adhesion molecules, angiogenesis factors, anti-apoptotic factors and other factors that contribute to cell growth.The Ub-proteasome pathway is shared by many cancers, making it of great interest at present. Preclinical work suggests that bortezomib targets the myeloma cell and its environment. In a clinical study that was reported recently from USA, it was found that in a heavily pre-treated population of myeloma patients who had already received an average of six therapeutic agents beforehand, there was a 27% response rate to bortezomib (SUMMIT trial). This seems a promising new line of therapy in myeloma and may indeed have wider therapeutic usefulness in the field of oncology.