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Satraplatin retards the progression of hormone resistant, advanced prostate cancer

In the last few years, there has been an increasing number of chemotherapy drugs that have shown usefulness in advancing prostate cancer (resistant to hormone therapies). Taxotere and mitozantrone have established themselves as active chemotherapy drugs and are in everyday clinical practice.
At a recent (2007) prostate cancer symposium, workers from Columbia University in the USA described a study that they had conducted where the combination of satraplatin/prednisone reduced the risk of progression of the disease by 33%, with a median time to progression of 11 weeks. Satraplatin is a relatively newly recopgnised member of the platinum based family of chemotherapy agents.The toxicity was mainly on the bone marrow, with low blood counts being experienced between administrations.
Although this drug is not producing such good responses as the previous two mentioned agents, nevertheless, it is welcome to have another type of cytotoxic drug that shows activity in this difficult situation.